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Back-to-School Basics

Back-to-School Basics

"E" Is for "Ethical"

And "F" is for "Fair Trade!" With another school year fast approaching, you may be wondering how to make ethical and sustainable choices for back-to-school items. Here are some ways you can do this when you shop:

Choose Fair Trade

Look for backpacks, bags, and pencil pouches made by artisans who are fair trade certified. These bags are often handmade by means of traditional techniques, using handwoven and embroiderd fabrics. When you shop fair trade, your purchase directly gives back to the artisan's local community. To learn more about the positive impacts of fair trade, head to our blog and check out the artisan spotlights about Carmelita, Diego, and Guillermo, just a few of the artisans we're proud to work with.

Consider Eco-Friendly Materials

Look for backpacks made from repurposed fabrics, like those we carry made of repurposed cortes and huipils from Guatemala. These fabrics are typically better for the environment and often have a longer lifespan than other non-organic materials. Using recycled fabrics also helps cut down textile waste and keep these usable materials out of landfills.

Support Local and Independent Designers

When you shop locally for back-to-school items, or buy from independent designers, you support small businesses and keep money in your community. Shopping locally also helps reduce your carbon footprint.

Check for Certifications

Look for certifications like the ones conferred by the Fair Trade Federation and B Corp. These indicate that a brand has met certain standards for ethical and sustainable business practices.

When you choose to shop ethically and sustainably, you reduce your environmental impact and make a positive difference in the world. An important lesson as we head back to school!